Total development
through exploration

A child is on explorer. Based on that we facilitate all students to experience the teaching learning process using their sence organs in a stimulating environment.

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" දේශීය සාරධර්ම තුළ අන්තර් ජාතික මට්ටමේ අධ්‍යාපනයක් "

Guidance International Schools aim to provide highest quality International Education and Child Care to our parents. One of our main goals is to provide a loving, nurturing, stimulating, calm and caring environment for our children. Our schools promote respect, independence, enthusiasm for learning, and appreciation for self and others. Our philosophy of education is to aid in the development of the child's unique individual potential. Our individualized program is designed in accordance with each child's social and emotional needs, as well as his or her academic and physical development. Our academic curriculum consists of reading, math, practical life, cultural subjects, computer educational programs and music. Extra-curricular activities include sports and aesthetic education. If you are interested in enrolling your child, please fill in the registration page and submit the information to be placed on our waiting list. Please phone or email us or come and talk to us if you require additional information.

History Of
Guidance International School

Guidance international school being in the forefront among an array of appealing International schools comprises of a highly qualified board of management that has steered a chain of schools for over forty years.Guidance International School opened the doors as an English medium preschool in the year 2010 at 192/2, Colombo Road, Bokundara and having gained a reputation for excellent education in the pre-school sector with a student population of over 350 preschoolers within a short period of time and as per request of parents a second branch was set up along with a grade one class in the year 2013 which was the stepping stone for Guidance international school which has now flourished into an excellent international school that has achieved many mile stones and is recognized as the most reputed international school within the Piliyandala locality that offers both National and London curricular with a vast range of co-curricular and extra curricular activities.

Today Guidance International is a pioneering international school with three Pre - school branches at Bokundara, Kesbewa and Borelesgamuwa respectively and the primary and secondary school at Kesbewa. Recently Borelesgamuwa Pre School was added to the network with total care including the daycare facility. Grade one to seven classes are conducted at Kesbewa. The unique characteristic of Guidance International School is paving the path to global education respecting and following the cultural values


Christmas Party

December 17, 2021 Christmas has well and truly dawned upon us! One of the well-known symbols of Christmas is the “Christmas Star” which guided the three…

Poya Program

November 21, 2021 As an International school, we should pay our attention to mould the children to respect our cultural values and heritage…

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